Mission Statement

To build a global entrepreneurial hub in the city of Houston

Throughout the country, cities are developing startup ecosystems – dense hubs of innovative, entrepreneurial activity that become increasingly strong magnets for investors, startups, talent, and other resources. This startup infrastructure is made up of entities across the entrepreneurial stack, including coworking spaces, incubators, accelerators, universities, angel investors, mentors, VCs, and other programs and helps to establish local startup ecosystems. These groups foster collaboration, encourage and facilitate new business creation, improve the success rates of startups, help create jobs, and boost the overall economic environment of the city.

Houston, however, has historically lagged in terms of developing a vibrant startup community. The city is lacking significantly in essential startup resources, causing many local entrepreneurs to relocate to cities equipped with superior startup infrastructure. The Cannon, a sister company of Cannon Ventures, is building a 32-acre entrepreneurial campus that includes a 120,000 square foot workspace to serve as the home base for Houston’s startups. Cannon Ventures operates out of The Cannon, currently a 20,000 square foot workspace, and together will dramatically bolster the entrepreneurial infrastructure in the city of Houston.